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Completely refinishing includes stripping, any needed repairs, sanding and prepping, and the finishing to your desired finish.
We offer design ,construction, and installation services from closets to kitchens.

Mix and Match
We can do all the Modern finishes - Faux Finishes - Or match a sample that you have.
If you have an unfinished piece of furniture that you want to match your living room set - Look no further
Chairs reglued, parts replaced , If its wood, finished or painted , and needs repair - Call Minor repairs do not require you to bring the piece of furniture to us- We can touch up and repair a lot of damages right where the furniture is sitting. This is a great option for minor moving damages or offices that can not afford to have their desk taken away for several days. WE TAKE IT ALL OFF!
We remove the paint or finish on a piece of furniture and let you finish it however you like. This is an option if you do not want to spend the time required to strip a piece of furniture yourself but would like to do the finishing yourself. We use an overflow system - so having us strip it - Gets you a cleaner piece of furniture than if it was stripped by hand.
If you want a new look in your kitchen without the cost of completly replacing your cabinetry , we can completly refinish them.

Marble and Granite Repair
 We can repair marble and granite tops

Restoring a piece of furniture is a process in which we do only what is necessary to restore the finish and craftsmanship of a given piece of furniture to as close to original as possible. Where possible sourcing and using the same materials and techniques used originally in the manufacturing of the piece. This process is different with every piece that requires restoration. In every step of this process we take every measure possible to insure that we do not take away from the piece, and only add what is necessary in order to accomplish the needed repairs and restoration.